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Family Nurse Practitioner

Lucy Douglas, a family nurse practitioner, sees herself as a combination of a life coach, nutritional counselor, and cheerleader. Her goal is to take care of families using a strong wellness and prevention focus, which is not the norm in today’s healthcare setting. “Establishing relationships with patients allows me to understand their concerns and goals to support them in their journey of becoming who they are called to be. Each one of us is a beautiful, complex puzzle and my job is to take the time to correctly interpret the messages the body is sending to solve that puzzle, whatever it may be.” Lucy believes that professional success, financial security, and the love of family and friends are all sweeter and better enjoyed when complimented by vibrant physical and mental health!
Lucy began her functional medicine journey in 2007, when she became a patient of a functional physician who specialized in women’s health. “Like so many women, I was a wife and mother to 3 teenagers while also working full-time. The stress was great and I had stopped paying attention to myself. Over time, I found myself exhausted, frustrated, and severely overweight at 250 pounds,” Lucy explains. “My labs were a mess and I knew in that instant I was on a train headed somewhere I didn’t want to go. The functional medicine approach helped me target the root causes of my problems. In large part, it is my own journey back to health that shaped who I am and how I practice as a nurse practitioner today.”
Lucy is passionate about promoting the health and wellness of both men and women of all ages but takes special interest—and has unique expertise in—hormone imbalances, such as PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, infertility, menopause, low testosterone, and more. In addition to caring for those with hormone issues, Lucy focuses heavily on chronic disease prevention and management of conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and the accompanying complications that are so deadly, devastating to quality of life, and crippling to our healthcare system. Over 800,000 deaths occur in the United States each year from cardiovascular disease (i.e., heart attacks and strokes); this is more deaths than from the top seven forms of cancer combined. “I find these numbers shocking and unacceptable. “Fatigue, pain, brain fog, feeling tired, sick, and nearly dead—this does not have to be your destiny. I do not accept the lie that this is a ‘normal part of aging’ and want to share the possibility of youthful, healthy longevity with you. I see myself as Smokey the Bear, preventing the metaphorical fire before it becomes a destructive blaze.”
Lucy grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and came to Louisiana to pursue a degree in Professional Aviation from Louisiana Tech. Ultimately, she did not pursue her aviation career. Instead, in 1996, she answered a call from God and enrolled in nursing school. After graduating, she worked with both adults and pediatrics in various hospital-based and home health settings. Lucy went onto pursue national certification as a diabetes educator in an effort to bring up to date information and empowerment to her patients. She enrolled in her first Master’s program in 2005 and accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in Nursing at Louisiana Tech. In 2012, she graduated from Grambling University with a Post-Master’s certification as a family nurse practitioner.
Lucy and her husband, Jerry, have been married 30 years. They have two adult children, Emery and Will, and a beautiful granddaughter, Rory. Lucy enjoys music, cooking, travel, and is a novice weight lifter. She is a member of the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners and serves on the board as the Monroe region co-representative. She is board certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing as an advanced practice registered nurse with prescriptive authority. She is in the process of obtaining her functional medicine certification through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.


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Ann Mayo

I absolutely Love Lucy and her team, I have been using them for about 4 yrs. Botox by Lucy & Lashes by Emery, every girl loves a little pampering also Lucy takes care of me & my husband's health needs. I highly recommend her facility, such a Great Place.

Aislyn Coyne

Mrs. Lisa Best is THE BEST! She has not only boosted my confidence in myself but also in my complexion! I started having the typical teenager acne, but mine was very severe. I tried EVERYTHING: Proactive, Neutrogena, and every medical treatment out there. My mom had no clue what to do, but she knew she had to do something fast. So we decided to set up an appointment with Mrs. Lisa.

She introduced me to Face Reality, and I saw improvement within a week! I've been going to Mrs. Lisa for Face Reality for the past 4 years, and it has completely changed my skin and life! Even now as I move off to North Carolina for college she has promised to assist me with my face. I HIGHLY recommend Mrs. Lisa Best to anyone with acne whether you are a young teen, in your 20s, or even someone older!

She worked tirelessly to improve my skin and was very informative and is well educated in her field. I highly recommend New Beginnings as a whole as well. My mom and I both are patients here, and all of the staff has been so kind, helpful, educated, and professional! You will not be disappointed, I promise! Thank you SO much Mrs. Lisa I will forever be grateful for you!!

Charles Paxton

Five stars and two thumbs up for Lucy Douglas of New Beginnings! It is day two and dare I say it? We're seeing a very positive improvement. Balancing exercise, dietary change and specific, targeted medication seems very beneficial. Thank you very much New Beginnings!

Rebecca Gruntz

I absolutely LOVE New Beginnings Spa! I’ve been for a brow wax and a few massages and the staff is always so kind. Today I got the courage to get my first Brazilian wax and I can’t say enough good things about Molly! She made sure I was comfortable and was so helpful throughout the process! She kept me talking and did everything in her power to avoid any pain. I will definitely be returning and recommend anyone who needs a wax or facial see Molly at New Beginnings!